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Nebula Shroom Grove

This year, the Nevada desert will once again transform into the vibrant stage of Burning Man. Among more than 500 participants, only 76 projects were selected to receive the prestigious Honoraria Program award. Of these, only 12 come from outside the United States and we have been selected!

We are a collective of Colombian Women called Understory,  our art piece is a visual interpretation of a mushroom forest, intertwined with a nebula-like ecosystem, formed by interconnected modules installed at different heights. These structures, with thin, curved bases that extend to wide crowns, create a magical refuge for visitors. From a distance, Nebula incites curiosity and awe, but it is in the proximity where the fascinating details are revealed: textures, shadows, and lighting that invites attendees to enter a portal to a world where the line between reality and imagination blurs.

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Cultivating Togetherness

Nebula Shroom Grove aims not only to be a visual wonder for Burning Man attendees but also a deep reflection on connection and community. Inspired by the profound symbolism of mushrooms—solitary beings that are deeply connected beneath the surface—the project highlights the importance of solidarity and mutual support. This year, under the festival's theme "Curioser and Curioser," "Nebula" promises to take visitors on an introspective journey. Furthermore, Nebula seeks to be a beacon of support for those who have been affected in their mental health by loneliness, transmitting the message that they are not alone and that there will always be a space for them in the community.

Upon concluding the event, the collective seeks to relocate the installation to a space where it can continue to inspire and connect people, aligning with their vision of a continuous artistic community. Part of the revenues generated by the project will be allocated to an organization dedicated to working for mental health, reinforcing Understory's commitment to creating lasting and meaningful connections.

We invite all art and innovation lovers to be part of this project. Your support can make Nebula Shroom Grove become a reality that transcends the Nevada desert, carrying its message of connection, community, and support to a broader audience.


There are multiple ways to contribute: from donations for the realisation of the work , or by telling us about someone interested in acquiring the installation.

T those who wish to help spread its message. You can also follow us on Instagram @understorybm to stay updated with the latest news and details of the project.


More than an art installation, Nebula Shroom Grove is a manifestation of the transformative potential of art. Through this work, we celebrate the cultural diversity of Colombia and promote intercultural dialogue on an international stage. It is a reminder of the importance of valuing and respecting our cultural roots while embracing innovation and creativity.

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